The EC300 electronic control system is designed for electronically controlled engines and transmissions, however a single mechanical actuator can be integrated with each controller if needed. The EC300 controller can be programmed for each individual vessel’s requirements and can be updated on the vessel if needed by a technician with the MFST software program. This allows for system modifications to be made during or after a sea trial if the performance of the vessel or it’s propulsion system dictates.


EC300 Capabilities

  • Programmable to individual vessel and propulsion packages

  • Diagnostic fault codes (flash codes and stored fault logs)

  •  Virtually eliminates operator error (high speed shifts, trolling valve engagement during acceleration)

  • Programmable single lever synch.

  • Programmable station transfer.

  • Hand held remote with thruster control available.

  • Digital or analog lever heads available

  • *Accommodates 5 analog lever heads (stations) and up to 8 digital lever heads (stations)

  • Authorized to control Twin Disc “Express” mode on MGX transmissions.

  • Digital display available


EC200 Please visit TwinDisc for more information

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